Our New Home


At Last! All negotiations are completed and we are on our way to our new home in Westwood.

The long, tedious, process of locating a building or property suitable for our needs started twenty years ago when we realized we could no longer afford to make the repairs needed in our beautiful, but aging, building. As it continued to deteriorate its value also decreased, so that building a new monastery was no longer an option for us. Existing properties we looked at were either too big or too luxurious for a monastery. Just when all possibilities seemed to have been exhausted the Lord showed us the perfect place: a former house of prayer nestled in a quiet wooded setting in Westwood that we would be able to purchase through the sale of this property. Most wonderful of all, it was not far from all our friends in Jamaica Plain.

It will take about two months to gradually move into our new home at 590 Gay Street. One day we went up with Fr. James Koury who blessed the grounds and every room in each house. The property includes a house for guests separate from our enclosure where we look forward to welcoming you once we are settled there.