“Why do you not come to me to be healed?”

There is a touching story of a blind man regaining Clare outside chapel his sight through St. Clare of Assisi’s intercession.   It happened shortly after she died.  A blind man had a dream in which a beautiful lady said to him:  “Why do you not come to me to be healed?”  When he learned that the lady he described was St. Clare, he went to her tomb where he regained what he had so long desired: his vision.

St. Clare was no stranger to suffering herself  having been ill for more than 28 years.  This gentle lady is still asking all who need healing:  “Why do you not come to me?”  This first follower of St. Francis of Assisi helps those who suffer, so that they may share as deeply and as fruitfully as she has in the redeeming love of Christ.

Come Pray With Us

We daughters of St. Clare continue her great work. Every day of our lives we gather into our hearts the needs and hurts of all.  We invite you to join us in asking our holy Mother Clare’s intercession on behalf of the suffering people today, especially little children.    Together let us go with confidence to St. Clare during the three days of prayer before her  feast day on August 11th, and place our intentions in her loving and compassionate heart.

Prayer to St. Clare of Assisi

O loving and merciful Jesus, who filled the heart of St. Clare with love for the mysteries of your cross, and the grace of joyful trust in suffering, grant, through the help of her example and prayers, that we who suffer in mind, heart and body, may find comfort and strength in our pain, and faith in our difficult trials. Trusting in your healing love and mercy, may we come to share in the light, love and peace of your kingdom. We ask this in your Holy Name. Amen.